How 21st Century Business Secret Changed My Life After We lost All Of My Father’s Money To The Banks...

It Will Change Yours, Even if You Have Never Made Money Online Before….

by Eze Cisca | July 2021

As a Young man born with a silver spoon, I never thought there will be a day

I will ask for money and don’t have access to it

My life changed for the worst when I lost my dad in my second year in the University and as the only son and the oldest child, I needed to find a way fast so that I can relieve my mum and sisters the pressure they are in already

My dad was a building construction contractor and builds for a living

He  had a couple of building contracts going on, with loans he collected from the banks to ensure his work moves smoothly

He died that faithful Thursday evening in a motor accident on his way back home after the days work

To cut the story short after his burial, my mum’s goal was to finish the houses and payback to the banks the loans he collected, the first shock came when she could not have access to the money in my fathers account to even complete the work

It took her one year and a half to be able to get all the required documents for us to have access to the money, and by the time she got the money the bank collected 40% as tax to the government.

By this time the loan duration  has expired and we could not service the loan let alone payback

We also lost the remaining 60% to the banks and some property my dad used as collateral

I remember calling home one day for money from school and all I could hear her say Nonso, please manage what you have now, the rest is just her crying 

I remember searching for a topic on my laptop for my assignment, I left that topic and started looking for how to make money online

My roommate has always been doing things on his laptop where he is always doing research on what people want, I never paid interest because I feel, it will distract me in my studies.

I went to him and he should me what to do and how to go about it. 

I used the last money on me to invest in this business secret I want to share with you and within two weeks of getting this knowledge, I made my money back with 50% interest.

I have never lacked money after that, mm always grateful to that day, I asked for money and my mum said manage what you have

Have you tried to improve your financial status to no avail?

Are you always looking for ways to make extra money to take care of your needs?

Inequalities in terms of income and opportunities remain high in Nigeria and have adversely affected poverty reduction in Nigeria

Nigeria is experiencing its worst recession in 25 years. In the current situation, The government has fewer buffers and policy instruments to cushion the adverse effects.

It’s not your fault that you lack the financial independence that you so longed for and its also not your fault that you feel pained for not being able to do what you want to do with money as off when needed

The Nigerian government have failed you but you must look beyond them and save yourself from being among the vulnerable 53million Nigerians heading towards poverty according to the world bank

The lack of job opportunities is at the core of the high poverty levels and there is regional inequality,  social and political unrest. 

The expanding working-age population combined with scarce domestic employment opportunities is creating high rates of unemployment, particularly for Nigeria’s youth.

Between 2010 and 2020, the unemployment rate rose five-fold, from 6.4 percent in 2010 to 33.3 percent in 2020.

Educated Nigerians are struggling to find employment opportunities in the country.

85 million Nigerians are on the verge to lose their jobs due to a lack of digital knowledge and skills.

Taking advantage of the booming world of the internet in this 21st century is the key to the answers you seek and ensure that you gain financial freedom through wise investments in digital knowledge.

Investing in digital knowledge empowers you financially, Use digital knowledge to solve people’s problems and get paid for it. 

It is only in giving that you receive, Shikina.

Always start with what is tested and proven to be working, investing in digital knowledge provide you with the opportunity to :

  • Make money online

  • Make passive income and be financially free

  • Start your own business online

  • Invest in self-development and gain financial independence

  • Gain recognition among friends

  • Gain power while taking control of your life and be confident with spending

  • Create your own economy and make money at will


One tested and proven way to invest and make money is from this video created by One of my Financial Mentor, Toyin Omotoso a lifestyle entrepreneur

If you are interested you can watch his video here

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