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Eze Cisca |August 03, 2021 | 5 mins read

As a young man who has family and wanted to have a better life for my wife and kids

Relocating to Canada was the very option to achieve this, and for us to achieve what we want myself and my wife started making sacrifices to ensure  we meet up with the monetary target of relocating to Canada

Within the first month of trying we got our  IELTS score of 7.5 and 8.5 respectively, to fast track our moving we decided to use agents, but this is our undoing.

We paid $2500 to the first agent hoping we get it right but after all said and done, we still did not get to canada and the money we kept for this purpose was almost going to these agent without refund

3 yrs passed with over $7,000 spent with different agents and we were still in Nigeria, i was losing it and was almost giving up on that goal

One day I sat down and told myself that if I must relocate my family, then I am going to do it this time with no agent and I went online and started searching for any information that will help.

It took me extra 2yrs though but i did relocate my family to canada, after all the money wasted money,  lost time and wasted effort

Until I came across this information i want to share with you

There are three secrets on how to relocate to canada:

  • How to use the 2 most reliable programs to successfully relocate to canada as a permanent residence 

  • How to quickly get your first job as an immigrant in canada

  • How to Choose where to settle in canada as a new immigrant

If you want to relocate to canada, don't take this article with a pinch of salt, pls watch the video attached to this article

Follow the process and relocate your family without using any agent. You can do without them and get to canada within 9-12 months of starting the process

83million Nigerians live below the poverty line while another 53 million are vulnerable according to the World bank.

Strive to secure that lifestyle you want for yourself and family by watching this video and save yourself time and money

To do this you have three choice:

  • You can try to figure out the entire no-fail process of becoming permanent residence in Canada all by yourself wasting more time or

  • Pay a lot of money to agents and consultants and put your fate in their hands. You maybe be lucky though and remember you’ll never get the money back

  • Watch the video and follow the process and instruction outlined to guide you on what to do

If you are interested click on this link to get the video:

Click here to get his Canadian Immigration blueprint video

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