The Secret Code to Growing an Online Business Fast From Scratch

Lucile| March 23, 2021 | 5 mins read

They sent me an email saying my services were no longer required…
No queries.
No meeting.
No compensation.
No explanations.

I didn't have connections so I couldn't make noise. Heck, if I had connections,
They wouldn't have laid me off. It was a banking job and I was earning an average of N40k every month.

If you're a marketer working in a bank, You'll understand.
Anyway, I got home that Tuesday night and I thought long and hard about my life.
What's the way forward?

*The easy path:
Continue job hunting while staying in my father's house (nothing wrong with that)
Probably get lucky after 6 months and I'll land a N100k /month job.

*The hard path:
If I took the next 90-days to learn a financially valuable skill, That's put me in control of my time, life and finance, I could be making 5x that 100k every month.

I knew I was going to be broke for a while if I took this path…But, after seeing hell as a banker. The insults, the pressure, the funny salary and some really dirty stuff I won't mention here.

The idea of controlling my time and my earning capacity suddenly started appealing to me more than the 9-5 life I thought I wanted so I picked the hard path.

And it was during this time I discovered a high-income skill called

I took the next 90-days to learn as much as I could about this skill. Took me a while to master it, But it was more than worth it.

My current fee for a standard Copywriting project is $3,000. I'll leave you to do the math,
But here's the thing fam...

I'm not going to lie and tell you if you learn Copywriting, money
miracles will happen overnight. That's not true.

It took me a while to get to where I am today. I worked my ass off.
But here's what I can tell you, If you master this skill, You will never lack money.

And if you're interested in learning Copywriting,

Start with these books:
The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert,
The Robert Collier Letter Book by Robert Collier,
Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins

These books are free on the internet. Google them, download them, Study them.
Practice HARD!

Implement what you learn. Be consistent. Nothing will happen overnight,
But if you're serious, you could look back 3 months from now with a smile on your face
enjoying the writer's life. And the good thing is:

There are many ways to monetize Copywriting
1: You can sell it as a skill to business owners. Some beginners charge between N100k - N300k per project

The more experienced Copywriters charge more….Between N500k - N1M and above.
The better you get,
The more you can charge.

2: You can use it to sell your own products online

3: You can use it to promote other people's products and get as much
as 50% from every sale that comes through you, It's called affiliate marketing.

 learn affiliate marketing here

All you have to do is find quality products and promote them to people
who want them. You can even do this with your WhatsApp status.

There are other ways to monetize this high-income skill called Copywriting.
But for now, just keep the above in mind. The most important thing is knowing what to say, and how to say it, to make people buy what you're selling

And once you see just how much money this skill can put in your
pocket if you take it seriously, You'll wish you discovered it earlier.

So if you want to learn this skill, Get to work.

Read those books I recommended earlier.
The Boron Letters, The Robert Collier Letter Book, Scientific Advertising
Practice like a madman.

Implement like crazy. This skill changed my life.
It can change yours.

The best way to learn fast is to learn from someone who have been there before you,

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