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The Ugly Truth About Success

by Lucile
Lagos | February 25, 2021

Back in October 2018, I was a struggling entrepreneur after I left my job to have my twin boys.

It got so bad that around Aug 2020, I had to apply for a job in a fabrication company and wanted to take on a lower position just to earn something, it didn't work out and that was a blessing because it forced me to start researching on successful business and people to enable me take care of my children

I began doing research on  how to make extra income from home and i came across trends of people promoting other people's product and services to earn a commission or passive income.

With my research i began noticing trends and patterns. By noticing patterns, you're able to see things that are invisible to the average and you know what happens if you catch a trend early? Massive wealth potentials. For me the awareness was never there but my quest to get an extra source of income now created the awareness via the trends i noticed online

Don't be among those that watch things happen or wonder why things are happening?. To be successful you need to make things happen.

And to make things happen, you need to notice trends and pattern. But you can only become good at noticing patterns if you start developing awareness.

Two important lessons you must learn to be successful:

1.  To get what you want , you must deserve it. : 

2yrs ago I was not a person that deserves success I was clueless and naïve to the world. But I wanted success.

In order to become it, I needed to become a person who deserved success, And to do that I needed to increase my ''worth '' factor.

In case you're wondering what that even means, it simply means the things you do daily to become wiser and better.

And these things can be reading books, listening to podcast, watching successful people talk, self educating yourself so you become wiser each day. You can only become good at noticing patterns if you start developing awareness.

2. Have a high level of awareness

Its time you become aware of what's happening around you. You need to have humility and awareness to notice trends.

Knowing what is happening around you will prompt you to act early and benefit from opportunities when you see one. Doing a successful online business is my testimony and another proof of things happening around you.

I have been able to make good five figures weekly selling digital and products online and anyone can do the same too.

It's time you start distinguishing things that are not real from things that are real. And you do that by observing and listening to your surroundings, Not just watching and hearing. You need to observe, listen and take action. There's a huge difference.

People who make things happen observe and listen. For instance, not everyone who started reading this post would get to this point.

By observing and listening, you notice the actual significant things and then take action because without taking action nothing happens.

You can make five figures weekly from a single product when you use this smart online approach that I found out during my research that prompted me to start one.

Watch smart people and see what they do. Look at successful people and learn what they did to get to where they are.

You can work from anywhere now, thanks to technology. Even if its a stay at home mom, or doing 9am to 5pm right now and it get to where one is wondering when will this rat race stop?. Or the regular 9am to 5pm salary is no longer taking us home and one crave for another income means, the overall Online business in Nigeria is booming, do yourself a great favour by increasing yourself worth by investing in yourself

Get this free report I came across during my research to help you out. Don't wait for things to happen but make it happen, take action today and you will be successful

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