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written by Lucile
March 28, 2021 | 5 mins read

This post is about how you can grow your income to a point where you have what I call "Enough Income"

"Enough Income" is income that makes it easy for you to...

- Save

- Invest

- Pay your bills conveniently

- And still have enough to enjoy life.

But this can only happen if you are getting enough income which most people are not getting.

One major reason for this is the fact that people don't do what can give them enough income

What majority do are things like:

- SAVE: Duh! How does saving out of your little income get you more money?

- PAY TITHE: Paying tithe is good but it won't give you more money. If you like argue till now till tomorrow.

- GET a 2ND JOB: Haba! You are still riding the "income I can't control wheel" with this

- PRAY: This is a delicate one but the truth is - Prayer is a great weapon but prayer won't directly bring money into your bank account.

Many poor people pray a lot for money.

How come money is not dropping into their account?

That is because God is not a respecter of man.

Whatsoever a man sows, that he will also reap.

If you want cocoa trees to grow on a land for instance, you can pray all you like and nothing will happen until you get some cocoa seeds, plant them and nurse them.

It is the same thing with money.

If you want money, you should do what will bring you money.

What prayer will bring instead are ideas and insights that will help you if you apply them. Maybe that is why you are reading this.

The surest way I know of to get "enough income" is to start what I call a high ROI business.

What is a high ROI business?

A high ROI business is a business that is extremely profitable and doesn't require a lot of money to get started.

Majority of people don't know about high ROI businesses because they are not the type of businesses that people talk about.

One of my students who used to be a pharmacist started one of such businesses in February with just N50,000 and he is now making an average of N400,000 profits per month.

The 5 high ROI businesses that you can start today are: 

1. Affiliate Markating

2.Graphics Design skill design skill

4. Copywriting

5.Facebook Marketing

Here is a guide that will help you start making money with affiliate marketing and the best part is that this guide is FREE

But don't download it if you are not ready to work and earn.

If you are ready to start using high ROI businesses to grow your income, then click the link below to get a FREE copy

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